Introduction to Fundamental Computer Programming (I) & (II)


  • To enable students to understand the usage of various operators and statements in the program, such as c# programming language concepts, statements, loops, arrays, file reading, objects, network services, Windows interface design, etc.
  • By learning c# in Visual Studio, students can have a basic understanding of the logic of programming language, so that students have a more solid understanding of digital application courses.
  • Let the students practice and autonomously practice what they have learned during class, and regularly arrange homework for the students to synthesize what they have learned and accept the results of the class.


  • 1.Introduction to C# and .NET framework
  • 2.Types and variables
  • 3.Expressions and operators
  • 4.Statement
  • 5.Array
  • 6.Method
  • 7.Read file
  • 8.Network survice
  • 9.Windows program design